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                         e began our operation in 1965, with the purchase of 40 acres of pasture & hay ground in south central Iowa (cow country).
                         A year later, we bought our first cows 10 half-blood Charolais. In 1969, we expanded the farm with the purchase of 160
    acres, & then purchased 10 more half-blood Charolais cows along with a Charolais bull and began raising & keeping replacements.
    From this herd of 20 cows, we have bred up to a purebred, registered herd. Today, the farm has expanded to 650 acres with 100+
    head of spring-calving cows. Show prospects, bulls, and bred heifers for sale year round.

PB BULLS  for sale year round various ages. Call Gene at 641.449.3488 for more information on our bulls.
Get more pounds for your money (more ### for your $$$), as well as calving ease. Our purebred bulls are a great investment and keep in mind, the bull IS half your herd. Thick, rugged, and ready to go to work!
(yearling bulls pictured below some 2 year olds also available)




 bulls SOLD below - but notice their growth from Dec. to May


[ DEC ]

[ MAY ]


SHOW PROSPECTS  for sale every fall and winter. 
Purebred Charolais most birth dates range from March to June. Come tour our pastures and lots to find your next show prospect! Contact Gene at 641.449.3488 for further information.
Calves pictured with no "frills" simply in their natural pasture conditions alongside their mamas.



BRED HEIFERS  for sale every fall and winter. Contact Gene at 641.449.3488 for more information on our females.
We only offer a limited number of breds each year please call Gene for more information.



THANK YOU for your bred heifer purchases...
Matt McGuire, IA Fall 2015
Bill Cannot, NE 2015
Craig Schnoor, IA and Gary McCoskey, IA 2013/2014
Tory Weston, MO and Dan Cox, IA 2012/2013
Dana Rock, IA and Edward Allen, IA 2011
Wendell Van Gunst, MI Fall 2010



- bull testimonial -
Wanted to let you know that our calves scaled 100 pounds higher for the second year since we bought your bulls in the spring of 2016. I think this shows that your genetics and everything you're doing to produce quality purebred bulls is a success. Keep up the good work - thanks!
Bob Hanf of Atchison, KS
- yearling heifer testimonial -
Hi Gene - The heifer I purchased last year, 022 "Vanna" had her calf yesterday.  He is by ABS bull "Doc Silver" and was about 70 lbs. He came easily, jumped up, and is doing very well.  Good looking calf - Mamma and baby are both healthy and happy!
Erin Roberts of Nodaway, IA
- bred heifer testimonial -
Gene - I am very happy with this group of Charolais heifers. I want to thank you for the honesty with which you sold these cattle. I appreciated working with you, and I hope we can do business again in the future. I like the cattle even more today than when I first saw them. They truly are a testimony to your breeding program.
Wendell Van Gunst of New Era, MI
- bull testimonial -
We sold all of our calves last week in Denison. They were right off the cow with NO vaccinations or implants. Our herd of 92 head averaged 592# after a 200 mile ride. We did creep them this year for the 1st time, and our weaning weights went up 60# per head. Before we started using your bulls, our calves averaged only 490# at this same time of year. We also had a group of 20 steers that averaged 714#. Needless to say, we were very pleased! Just wanted to let you know in case you would ever like a referral on your bulls.
Craig Dozark of BDB Cattle Co.
- bred heifer testimonial -
Gene - Just wanted to let you know that B538 had a nice bull calf this morning.  He weighed 85-90 lbs, and she had it all by herself. Robbi and I could not ask for anything more. We love the Charolais - and their calves do tremendous!  Thanks for everything.                                                                     
Ross Kane of Westminster, CO 

Gene & Ruth Bedwell  5215 Wyoming St. Osceola, IA 50213  641.449.3488  30 miles south of Des Moines & 5 miles off I-35 at Exit 43

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